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Reve Up & Refresh Your Skin with RevePeel

Discover a revolutionary chemical peel that delivers remarkable results at O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics

Mighty and fierce may describe you, but it also represents our latest chemical peel treatment. At O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics in Annapolis RevePeel is safe for most skin types and tones, but it is powerful enough to target the damaging sun effects of blotchy and dull skin; while leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. As a true medium depth chemical peel Annapolis patients find RevePeel safe and effective on the face, neck, décolletage, chest, and hands.

What is RevePeel?

RevePeel begins as a 30-minute, in-office, medium depth chemical treatment that targets hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, sun damage, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Containing four peeling acids in an oil-based application approach, RevePeel ensures even penetration without the traditional discomfort or inflammation. Then, you can complete your treatment in the comfort of your home.

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How do I know if RevePeel is right for me?

Your Annapolis aesthetic specialist will personalize a treatment plan to address your skin concerns and your aesthetic goals during your consultation.

While RevePeel is considered safe and effective in handling a variety of skin concerns, chemical peels are not beneficial for every skin type. It is crucial to consult with your provider first to make sure you are a candidate and start proper pre-treatment. Dr. O’Donnell and your aesthetic specialist will go over all potential concerns with you prior to your treatment to make sure you get the perfect treatment for your skin.

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RevePeel Procedure

Your aesthetic specialist will apply the peel during your 20 to 30-minute treatment. The difference with RevePeel is that you will leave the peel on for two to four hours while you are at home. The RevePeel formula will penetrate your skin with a unique oil-based delivery system that significantly reduces inflammation. You will then use the REVESKIN™ post-care kit to nourish your skin over the next seven days. You will feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few hours post-treatment. Then over the next couple of days, you will begin to peel, followed by five to seven days of significant peeling. Your skincare specialist will provide you with post-treatment instructions to care for your skin over the next 30 days. Your skin may be sensitive, and you will need to avoid sun exposure, but you will not be in any discomfort.

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RevePeel Recovery & Results

You can expect noticeable dramatic results in two weeks.

It is vital to maintain an active skincare regimen to keep your new skin healthy and bright. Depending on the skin issues you are addressing during your RevePeel treatment, one than one session may be necessary to achieve your overall results. Most patients see remarkable results with only one treatment; however, additional treatments may be scheduled once per year.

Schedule Your Revepeel Consultation With Our Aesthetic Specialists Today

Our dedicated team of skincare specialists are excited to offer revepeel treatments at our annapolis and easton locations. Discover the restorative and rejuvenating effects of a simple application process with the power to remove damage before the skin’s surface and offer healthy, glowing results. So schedule your RevePeel treatment today.

RevePeelFrequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional chemical peels, RevePeel offers a unique oil-based delivery system that reduces inflammation. So while your skin may look sunburned, the feeling should go away within a few hours of treatment.

RevePeel is a medium-based chemical peel treatment, which means it removes skin cells from the epidermis and portions of the upper part of your middle skin layer or dermis. Complications are rare with RevePeel, but some risks may include redness that may last for months, changes in skin color if treating hyperpigmentation, or cold sore flare-up.

Your aesthetic specialist creates a customized treatment plan based on your skin condition, skin concerns, and overall aesthetic goal. The price for RevePeel will vary for each patient. However, during your consultation, your treatment plan and cost will be explained.

RevePeel is a cosmetic treatment and is not covered by health insurance.

They are both chemical peels; however, RevePeel penetrates a little deeper to the dermis. In addition, RevePeel contains croton oil, which helps evenly distribute the peel to treat uneven skin, improve elasticity and years of damage. VI Peel is similar; however, more treatments are often needed to achieve your overall goal. Therefore, RevePeel is performed only once and then yearly if maintenance is necessary.

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