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Powder Brows in Annapolis and Easton, MD

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the perfect brow shape and volume

Get that makeup-finish look in one appointment and ditch your brow routine

If you spend time every day with pencils, powder, and brush techniques to get the perfect brow shape and volume, then powder brows could be the time-saving solution you've been looking for. The powder brow technique, also known as microshading, adds definition and depth via a modern, semi-permanent makeup technique. We strive to deliver the best powder brows Annapolis has to offer. So if you're ready to save time and money on your daily beauty routine, keep reading to learn more about the powder brow method.

Powdered Brows at O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics

We are all about stunning outcomes, care, and comfort at O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics in Annapolis and Easton, MD. Led by board-certified Dr. Kelly O'Donnell, you can expect high-quality, professional results and an environment that provides a reassuring and skillful experience. We want you to love your brows and leave feeling like you made the best choice for microshading.

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What is Powder Brows?

You may have heard this technique referred to as microshading, ombre brows, or powder brows.

These are all terms for a new, exciting permanent makeup technique that gives your brows a soft, penciled appearance. This method uses a unique handheld digital tool that creates small dots of color or "pixels" to fill in the brows and add volume and color. This tool only penetrates the upper layers of skin, so there is no damage deeper down, and there is a very low risk of infections or other complications. In addition, this pixelated application provides a 3D effect for a look that's not overdone or exaggerated but still defined and full.

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Microshading vs. Microblading

Both microshading and microblading offer semi-permanent ways to add volume and darken your brows, but the technique and outcome are different. Microblading involves making tiny cuts with a blade and saturating them with ink to create hair-like strokes of color.

This is a good option if you only want an extra-natural, individual hair look and is especially helpful with over-plucked eyebrows or to fill in a scarred area. Powder brows create a makeup-like look, as if you just spent time meticulously applying pencil and powder. Because microshading uses fine tattoo needles, it is less invasive and involves a shorter recovery period. In addition, oily skin isn't always ideal for microblading, so microshading is an excellent alternative for those with oily skin.

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Benefits of Microshaded Powder Brows

If you're looking for that finished, defined look without spending extra time on your beauty routine, then powder brows is a fantastic option. Microshading is minimally invasive and involves no downtime and a very short healing period. The results provide a soft, full look that typically lasts for a year or more.

Am I a candidate for Powder Brows?

Because microshading is very minimally invasive and the technique offers a great deal of control and customization, this method is an excellent option for just about anyone looking to enhance the look of their brows. Powder brows can provide the following:

  • Volume for sparse brows
  • A finished look without the time and money for brow products
  • Brow enhancement if oily skin has made microblading less effective
  • Brow enhancement for mature skin that may mean microblading is painful due to low collagen

Consultation and Preparation

We will discuss your aesthetic goals during a consultation and plot out your ideal brow look. Then, our permanent makeup professional will consider your color profile so that custom-blended ink can be used for your perfect ombre powder brow look. Your technician will also give you detailed instructions on preparing for your appointment, including specific things to avoid for about a week prior, including plucking and waxing.


During your appointment, a skilled brow tech will map out your brows, prepare your perfect color, and begin to fill the brows using the specialized tool. Most likely, the tech will pass the instrument over your skin a few times to layer the pigment and ensure an even and natural-looking result. Because we want to ensure every single application of ink is in its perfect place, our Annapolis powder brow appointments typically take about two hours or more.

Powder Brow Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Since this is a non-invasive treatment, our Easton powder brow patients will be able to resume most regular activities right away. However, you will want to keep your brows dry for at least 2-3 hours which means showering or working out are off-limits. Your brow tech will provide full aftercare details. The initial healing process takes about 7-10 days, and you should see optimal results in around one month.

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Why O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics?

We are excited to offer the most modern, innovative, and effective cosmetic options.

Our goal is to make our office a welcoming and comfortable environment so you leave not only looking your best but feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our team at O'Donnell Medical Aesthetics have years of combined education, experience, and patient care to ensure that your microshading treatment is top-notch from start to finish.

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Powder Brow Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients describe microshading as a bit uncomfortable but not painful. The sensation can be compared to a slight pinch; many say it feels similar to eyebrow threading.

Powder brow is a very low-risk procedure since it only penetrates the top layer of the skin. To ensure that any risk of side effects is low, it's always best to get permanent makeup applied by a trained and certified professional.

Powder brows are a semi-permanent option and usually last about 12-18 months. However, if you prefer your brows to stay darker, you may schedule a touch-up appointment around the 9-month mark.

The cost of microshading varies based on your location and whether you are seeing a trained professional. If you are adding any microblading or other services, this can also affect the cost.

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