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What Is a BBL Photofacial?

bbl photofacial

When your skin starts to look dull and tired, it’s tempting to reach for an over-the-counter serum. But these products tend to be more hype than action. What, then, is the solution to rejuvenating your appearance? At O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Easton and Annapolis, MD, we recommend a BBL photofacial. Science confirms it can correct a variety of issues without causing painful blisters or requiring long recoveries. And results are long-lasting.

What Is a BBL Photofacial?

Broadband light therapy (BBL) is a safe and FDA-cleared treatment designed to combat some of the most common signs of aging. We’re talking about rough skin texture, uneven tone, sun damage, and wrinkles. But this sophisticated treatment does more than simply erase unwanted concerns. It can dramatically improve your skin’s entire appearance to help you look brighter and younger.

Equally important, treatment does not involve surgery. Instead, it’s a quick in-office therapy that doesn’t cause redness or inflammation. In addition to those issues we just listed, BBL can also effectively treat:

  • Loose or crepey skin
  • Vascular lesions, including visible blood vessels
  • Large pores
  • Broken capillaries
  • Redness, such as that caused by rosacea
  • Acne inflammation
  • Pigmented lesions like freckles

It’s Not Laser Treatment

But don’t confuse BBL with laser treatments – the two therapies are dramatically different. Rather than emitting a focused light beam, the BBL tool uses non-invasive light waves to target and treat damaged skin tissues.

We should additionally note BBL uses a broad spectrum of light that can be filtered in a variety of ways to address different skin conditions. Laser treatments, on the other hand, use a single laser wavelength. BBL treatments can also be used to treat larger skin surfaces than a laser can handle.

And BBL Differs from IPL

For decades, the simplest and most effective way to combat widespread skin discoloration was with intense pulsed light (IPL). Although still effective, IPL has been usurped by BBL as the most potent light technology available. The latter is now considered the gold standard in skin rejuvenation. It not only treats a wide number of skin concerns but is also the only photofacial that can reverse the expression of genes associated with aging.

To better understand what we mean, you must first understand that photodamage is the result of ultraviolet light exposure. UV rays cause cellular changes that occur within the skin’s deepest layers. Those changes tend to create a domino effect that triggers more negative cell responses. The result is widespread skin that essentially “misbehaves,” or looks and feels aged. Misbehaving skin causes concerns like:

  • Coarse patches
  • Spider veins
  • Tone loss
  • Brown spots

Turn Back the Hands of Time

BBL photofacial are intended to counter the effects of aging – including UV damage – and help skin maintain more youthful properties. Treatment reverses most negative cell changes and, along the way, also supports positive cell behaviors.

Repeating treatments on a periodic basis can keep skin looking smooth, clear, and vibrant. In fact, a series of BBL treatments can provide benefits similar to laser resurfacing or chemical peels without blisters, burns, or lengthy recovery periods.

How BBL Works

During treatment, BBL emits short bursts of high-intensity light energy. This energy gently but effectively heats your skin’s upper layers. As that heat is absorbed by and passes through the skin, the body recognizes the potential for “damage.” In other words, treatment is designed to ignite natural healing responses that include the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

Collagen is the key that unlocks fresh, revitalized skin. Recognized as one of the body’s most prolific proteins, it lifts, smooths, and firms tissues for a more vibrant appearance. Your natural skin colors will also develop to clarify your complexion. Elastin, meanwhile, gives skin its bouncy nature. When you smile, frown, or otherwise emote, elastin allows the skin to return to its normal shape while remaining glossy and dewy.

Tailored to Your Needs

If BBL is intended to eradicate brown spots, treatment will penetrate below the skin’s surface layers to reach pigment. Dark spots will then be broken down and removed by the lymphatic system. Likewise, BBL can also eliminate fine vessels responsible for redness and melanin that causes patches of discoloration.

Treatment corrects a number of concerns by incorporating filters that block different wavelengths of light. The basic light emitted is full-spectrum, but the filters allow us to fine-tune treatment to suit your unique needs. Different filters target different skin depths. We also pass over the skin multiple times to create a safer, more effective therapy that yields superior results.

A Wealth of Evidence

Studies confirm BBL works as promised. Under the microscope, treated tissues have shown a reversal in sun damage. New collagen and elastin have also been shown to replace damaged cells. Last but not least, large dilated blood vessels have been shown to shrink to normal size.

In a blind study, dermatologists were asked to patients’ ages based on their respective photos. The dermatologists were not told if any patient had received cosmetic therapy. On the “before treatment” pictures, the dermatologists proved accurate. But in the “after treatment” photos, the derms rated patients an average of nine years younger than their actual ages. This proves BBL restores a more youthful appearance.

Scientific Data

Scientists know younger skin contains different active proteins compared to older skin. Using this knowledge, researchers have analyzed patients after a series of BBL treatments. These analyses showed that genetic mRNA reversed to a more youthful protein.

The net effect of BBL photofacial is brighter skin, slowed degradation of collagen and elastin, and less volume loss and skin sagging. In short, the skin’s aging process slows.

The Answers You Need

If you’re like most patients, you want to know if BBL therapy hurts. The machine used during treatment includes cooling features that help skin stay comfortable. For patients with sensitive tissues, we can apply a numbing cream to minimize the potential for discomfort.

You likely also want to know the number of treatments needed. Now is a good time to mention many patients see results after a single session. For the best outcomes, however, we may recommend up to four sessions for your initial series followed by annual maintenance sessions. Don’t worry – we’ll assess your skin health during your consultation and craft a treatment plan that meets your schedule and skin concerns.

What About Downtime?

Here’s more good news: BBL therapy is not associated with downtime. Patients generally return to their daily routines immediately following treatment. You can even wear makeup after your session, if desired, although we will recommend you first apply sunblock. In fact, sunblock is a must after treatment. It’s the only way to protect new skin cells and prevent additional sun damage.

Can BBL Improve my Skin Health?

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, treatment helps restore skin to a more hydrated state. And you’ll enjoy a cumulative effect with repeat treatments, meaning your results will only continue to improve.

In addition to correcting areas of pigmentation and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, BBL can also improve acne. It kills the underlying bacteria responsible for breakouts and, subsequently, reduces oil production and minimizes redness. Following treatment, your skin will reflect optimal health levels.

How Often Is Treatment Recommended?

The best results develop when BBL is performed in a series. Again, we typically recommend a series of two to four treatments, each spaced about a month apart. After you complete this initial plan, we’ll likely suggest you have two or three maintenance sessions per year.

What Happens After Treatment?

Your appointment will likely take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. You can plan to return to work and other activities immediately after treatment, although we may recommend self-care steps specific to your skin’s needs. These may include any or all of the following:

  • Do not use scented lotions or soaps for seven days
  • Do not aggressively scrub the treated area
  • Wash your face with tepid water – not hot or cold
  • Avoid swimming pools and spas
  • Refrain from activities that cause excessive perspiration

Does BBL Really Work?

Yes. In addition to the proof we provided earlier, the treatment’s surge in popularity supports its efficacy. Clients can see immediate results for conditions like age spots, rosacea, fine lines, acne, and sun damage. Skin also visibly improves in firmness and elasticity. And results can last up to a full year.

An Innovative Option for Gorgeous Results

A BBL photofacial is a quick, easy way to awaken new skin cells. It penetrates well below the surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production, two key building blocks behind firmer, clearer, and healthier skin. Results show immediately, and the sophisticated nature of BBL means it can simultaneously treat multiple issues. Schedule your consultation today by contacting O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Easton and Annapolis, MD.

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