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What Can Juvederm Do for Your Skin?

What Can Juvederm Do for Your Skin?

At a certain point, the humor in laugh lines disappears. If a casual glance in the mirror has you looking back at imperfections like wrinkles and creases, it may be time to consider treatment options. Cosmetic injectables like Juvederm are increasingly popular options for treating many common signs of aging. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at O’Donnell Vein and Laser in Annapolis, MD can help you pick the right formulation for your concerns.

What Is Juvederm?

One of the most popular and widely used cosmetic injectables on the market today, Juvéderm has several formulations designed to target specific concerns of aging skin. Each uses hyaluronic acid to produce the desired results. They can help to restore lost volume and facial contours as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.

How Does It Work?

The success of these dermal fillers is due to their use of hyaluronic acid. This substance occurs naturally in your body, particularly as a lubricant in your joints. Because it is already found within your body, Hyaluronic acid is readily accepted and highly bioavailable.

Hyaluronic acid works within your body to stimulate collagen production. This is important because much of the lost elasticity and volume within your skin is due to decreased collagen production. More collagen means fuller, smoother skin and fewer visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, that decrease is a natural part of the aging process. However, by boosting collagen levels, Juvederm treatments may help you achieve natural-looking and long-lasting improvements.

During a treatment session, the hyaluronic acid solution will be injected into targeted areas under your skin. It has a gel-like consistency, which helps it fill out hollow or thinning areas. As the product settles into creases and grooves, it fills them out, resulting in smoother skin and fewer wrinkles and pronounced contours.

What Can Juvederm Do for Your Skin?

Younger looking, smoother, and more elastic skin doesn’t have to be a dream. Dermal fillers can help make it a reality.

We offer five variations of the popular Juvederm dermal fillers at O’Donnell Vein and Laser in Annapolis: VOLBELLA®, VOLUMA®, XC, XC Ultra, and VOLLURE™. Each of the various formulations is designed to target a specific area and skin concern. Regardless of your beauty goals, there is most likely a Juvederm treatment that can help. They all address filling creases, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and restoring volume to facial contoursin one way or another.

Your beauty concerns and goals are personal, and they will directly affect what type of cosmetic procedures you decide on. However, there are some concerns that lend themselves to treatment with dermal fillers more so than others. In general, these are the most common results you can expect to achieve with dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables:

Fuller, More Plump Lips

Does the appearance of your smile have you feeling down? It may be time to ask how VOLBELLA® can help you restore a youthful and full smile to your face.

As you age, the loss of volume within your lips can make them seem thinner and less defined. That loss often results in more pronounced puckering above the lip, known as lipstick lines. While over the counter creams and serums may produce small improvements, you will need to resort to a professional treatment to truly reverse this common sign of aging.

Give VOLBELLA® a Try

This particular iteration of the popular dermal filler line is designed to gently and softly add volume to your lips while smoothing and filling the vertical lines around your mouth area. A single treatment can help you say goodbye to unsightly lipstick lines and feathering that have started to show up around your mouth.

Use Ultra XC® to Add Volume

Another popular choice is Juvederm Ultra XC®. This formulation is designed to increase volume throughout your lips and around your mouth area. In addition to plumping lips, Ultra XC can also help to reduce, fill, and smooth laugh lines and nasolabial folds that add often years to your appearance.

If you have concerns about thinning lips, cosmetic injectables may be a good solution for you. Dermal fillers work to plump your lips, giving them a fuller and younger-looking appearance. Restored volume in your lips can also help reduce the look of wrinkles and lipstick lines in the space above them.

Results vary, but you shouldexpect to enjoy the benefits of either a VOLBELLA® or Ultra XC® treatment for up to 12 months. You will have plenty of time to enjoy that younger-looking smile. So, go ahead andapply your favorite lipstick without worrying about feathering or bleeding.

Increased Facial Volume in and Around Your Cheeks

While a natural reduction in skin and tissue volume is part of aging, there are times when it can change your appearance. Some changes are subtle and barely noticeable, But, for some people, that loss of volume results in your cheek and mid-face contours being completely altered.

How VOLUMA® Can Help

A strategic treatment option for people who have lost volume in cheeks and midfacial areas, VOLUMA® helps restore volume and fullness. It works gently from within to plump your cheeks, giving you a natural-looking and more youthful appearance. You may also notice a reduction in the appearance of nasolabial folds, sagging skin, and wrinkles after your treatment.

Every person reacts differently to treatment, but you can often expect the results from VOLUMA® to last for up to two years with an optimal treatment plan. Don’t feel likeyou have to live with gaunt cheeks any longer. Contact the office of O’Donnell Vein and Laser to find out how VOLUMA® can help restore fullness to your facial lines.

Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are often one of the first signs of aging that you will notice on your face. While they are a natural part of aging, you no longer have to accept them as inevitable. Dermal fillers are an excellent choice to help you combat these signs of aging skin.


Within the Juvederm line, the XC and VOLLURE™ formulas are designed to address lines, folds, creases, and wrinkles. Whether you are just starting to notice fine lines or you have grown tired of looking at deepening facial creases, one of these products can probably help.

These treatments are particularlyuseful when used to target trouble areas around your mouth and nose. They are injected directly into the treatment area you and your doctor have decided on to smooth out your skin and fill creases. They can help you minimize the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles and lines, resulting in smoother and younger-looking skin.

Both VOLLURE™ and XC work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial folds, nasolabial folds or parentheses lines, and marionette lines.

Marionette Lines and Parentheses Lines

Marionette lines are those nagging lines that develop around and below your mouth. They can drag the corners of your lips downward, making you appear to frown.

Parentheses lines are the lines that develop from the corners of your mouth upward, toward your nose, which is why they are technically known as nasolabial folds. They are the result of repeated muscle movement around your lips and mouth as well as reduced volume in the space between your mouth and nose.

No matter what types of wrinkles or folds you want to banish with these fillers, you shouldexpect to see results within a couple of weeks. These results will generallylast for about a year with XC treatments and up to 18 months with VOLLURE™.

What Can You Expect During Your Treatment?

Just as each person is unique, no two treatment sessions will be the same. You and your doctor will develop an optimal treatment plan based on your current skin condition, your beauty concerns, and the results you want and expect to achieve. This will take place in an initial consultation with your provider before your actual treatment session is scheduled.

The number of injections you will need will vary with the size and location of your treatment area and the results you are trying to achieve. Depending on those factors, you may need to receive multiple syringes of hyaluronic-based filler at each treatment session. This will affect the duration of your treatment. Most sessions will take less than an hour from start to finish. This includes time for your doctor to go over post-treatment care with you and answer anyquestions you may have.

What Is Recovery Like?

Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers require very little downtime. In fact, you can realistically plan to have a treatment performed on your lunch hour and return to finish out the day.

Your doctor may advise you to avoid intense exercise or heavy lifting for a day or two after being treated. You should also plan to use caution when in the sun or avoid exposure to it for at least a few days.

The recommendations you receive from your healthcare provider for post-treatment care will be based on your specific treatment session and health concerns. That makes it especially important for you to follow them carefully, even if they differ from what you expect.

Are Dermal Filler Treatments Safe?

All of the formulations used at O’Donnell Vein & Laser are FDA-approved for cosmetic use. Additionally, the staff has undergone specialized training to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience during your dermal filler treatments.

We generallyconsider dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables to be a safe and effective way to address signs of aging. However, there are certain times when treatment should be postponed. If you have an active infection, especially in your sinuses, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you’ll want to wait before scheduling a treatment session.

Like with any other type oftreatment, you shoulddiscuss any preexisting conditions and medication you are currentlytaking with your care provider. Make sure to mention allergies, too, especially if they are to any ingredients found within Juvederm formulas.

Some treatments and procedures should notbe performed too close together, so, be sure to let your doctor know if you are considering having laser resurfacing treatments or chemical peels close to the time of your dermal filler injections. They will likely recommend spacing your appointments out to avoid complications.

Are You a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Aging gracefully isn’t for everyone. If you are experiencing signs of aging on your skin and have thought about doing something to ease them, dermal fillers might be a good choice. They are effective at treating lines, wrinkles, and creases in adults aged 21 and over, and they may also be able tohelp if you are experiencing loss of volume in your cheeks and lips.

To find out if you are a good candidate for treatment, talk to a professional. Contact the Annapolis, MD office of O’Donnell Vein and Laser today to schedule a consultation and start turning back the clock on your appearance. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you decide on the best treatment options for your skin concerns.

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