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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Dermal Fillers

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It is true that having a few wrinkles on your face is going to make you look older. However, the biggest factor in having an aged appearance is a loss of facial volume. Losing facial volume leads to hollow temples and cheeks, sagging skin, wrinkles, deflated lips, and jowls. We would like to tell you how you can restore lost facial volume with dermal fillers.

How Dermal Fillers Can Help You

One of the best ways to understand how dermal fillers can help you fight the aging process is by comparing the way you lose facial volume with the way a balloon loses air. When a balloon is initially filled with air, the rubber of the balloon is tight. It has a smooth surface. As time goes by and some of the air is lost, the texture of the rubber changes. It becomes wrinkly. If air is introduced again into the balloon, the texture goes back to being smooth and tight.

As a person gets older, they lose facial fat. It is the facial fat that gives a person a youthful appearance. Youthful individuals have round, full cheeks and smooth skin. As facial fat is lost, their cheeks start to look more hollow, their lips deflate, they develop jowls, and they get wrinkles. In the same way that air can be introduced into a balloon again in order to improve its texture, dermal fillers can be used to restore facial volume that has been lost.

Determining the Right Filler for You

Dermal fillers are not one-size-fits-all. There are multiple brands of fillers on the market, and fillers are made from different substances. Some are based on synthetic forms of substances that naturally occur in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid. Other fillers are based on synthetic ingredients. Some dermal fillers are designed to last a shorter amount of time and only provide lift while the filler is active. Others provide immediate lift and then have the benefit of helping the skin to produce more collagen.

Many fillers are made for a specific purpose. For example, there are some fillers that are better for replacing volume in the cheeks. Other fillers are perfect for augmenting the lips. Then there are fillers that are great for filling in wrinkles and scar indentations. When you visit us for your initial consultation, we would be happy to show you the options that are available and then recommend a treatment that is right for your needs.

What to Expect During Treatment

After a customized plan is drawn up to help you meet your goals, the injection session can begin. In most cases, a person will only be in our office for a matter of minutes. The injections are very simple to perform. You do not need to worry about taking time to recover after your treatment with dermal fillers. You can get right back to your normal activities.

Get In Touch to Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about what dermal fillers can do for you, we warmly encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with O’Donnell Vein and Laser! At our offices in Easton and Annapolis, our friendly staff will be eager to explain your options in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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