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Minimize the Appearance of Age Spots with BBL Photofacials

BBL photofacials

There is a very good chance that you have noticed small brown spots developing on your face as you get older. These unwanted spots are commonly known as age spots, and they can appear nearly anywhere on the body that is regularly exposed to sun. There is absolutely no chance of these spots causing serious health issues in the future, but that should not stop you from getting them removed. If you are tired of age spots ruining your beautiful appearance, it may be time to get them treated with BBL photofacials.

What are BBL Photofacials?

The BBL photofacial is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that can drastically reduce the appearance of your age spots using broadband light energy. This special light will gently heat the skin on your face. Once the light is absorbed into the skin, the body will naturally start to produce additional collagen. The exact wavelength of the broadband light can be adjusted by the professional to ensure the treatment is customized to your exact needs. This is simply impossible with almost every other popular light therapy treatment. While the BBL photofacial is primarily performed on the face, it can safely treat age spots anywhere on the body.

What to Expect

You will need to stay out of direct sunlight for some time leading up to your appointment because it is not advised to have the procedure performed on sunburnt skin. The doctor will escort you to the exam room shortly after you arrive at the treatment facility. Once you are comfortable, they will start to treat your skin with the handheld BBL photofacial device. You will be able to feel the device gently heat your skin, but you will never been in any discomfort.

After the Procedure

It is vitally important to protect the skin from the sun for a few days after your treatment. In order to see significant results, you may need to undergo multiple treatment sessions. Our team of professionals can help you structure a treatment plan that accommodates your unique needs and goals.

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The goal of many aging adults is to look as young as possible, and nothing ruins that dream quicker than age spots. There is absolutely no reason to let those unfortunate brown spots make you feel bad about your appearance any longer. To learn more about what BBL photofacials may be able to do for you, we encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with O’Donnell Vein and Laser! At our convenient locations in Annapolis and Eaton, our caring and dedicated team will be pleased to explain this treatment in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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