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Is Kybella Treatment Right for Me?


We are all silently pre-judged on our character and personalities based on our aesthetic appearances alone. Especially when it comes to our faces. Some studies suggest that complete strangers silently judge you within a tenth of a second with their first impressions, especially if you have a double chin. Want to get rid of it? Try Kybella Treatment at O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Annapolis, MD today.

This treatment is revolutionary in its effectiveness to melt away the fat cells in a double chin.

Are Kybella Treatments Right for You?

This treatment is aimed at strategic injections in the double chin. It’s a synthetic compound derived from naturally generating acids that expeditiously breaks down fat.

This treatment is a non-surgical and minimally invasive plastic surgery treatment. Most candidates for this treatment ultimately prefer it because they have no interests in medically invasive plastic surgery.

Over 77% of people who visit a plastic surgeon or dermatologist complain about their double chin. About 70% of people have a double chin. So, this is a problem that affects almost two-thirds of Americans. It isn’t just you.

Most Kybella patients are:

  • Fearful others visually judge their double chin
  • Worried that their double chin aesthetically diminishes fashion choices
  • Convinced their double chin makes them look older
  • Think their double chin makes them look heavier
  • Frustrated they can’t get rid of a double chin

Before we describe this treatment in fulldetail, let’s talk about double chins, how they develop, and why they are so stubbornly hard to get rid of.

Why Are Double Chins So Hard to Get Rid of?

Even with exercise and sustained dietary changes, a double chin can stubbornly remain. Your metabolism burns fat around other parts of your body faster, and relatively easier, than the area under your chin. There are many reasons whypeople develop double chins. And, they are not all related to weight gain.

What Causes Double Chins?

Double chins are also known as, “excessive submental fat,” or, “submental fullness.” A double chin is basically a deposit of fat cells behind your chin.
What causes the development of a double chin? Well, there isn’t just one reason.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is just the development of excessive fat deposits around the body. Just like in your stomach or arms, excessive fat can deposit itself under your chin. However, you could be slim, petite, or physically fit with minimal body fat and still have a double chin.

Losing Excessive Weight

Even after losing a lot of weight, the fat cell deposits under your chin may stubbornly stick around.


The natural effects of aging can cause a double chin to develop. Our skin naturally sags and loses elasticity as we age. In fact, the development of a double chin can start as early as your mid-20s simplyvia aging.

Bad Posture and Neck Craning

If you’re always stooping over a desk or to look at your smart device, you can develop bad posture. Bad posture could also cause a double chin to develop.

When you continually crane your neck downwards for extended periods of time, especially over years, then the skin between your chin and neck incrementally loses its elasticity.

Natural Facial Bone Anatomy

In some cases, the natural structure of your facial bones, and how your skin covers it, could cause a double chin. If your chin bone is naturally recessed, then your skin may cover the area behind it like a convex curve.

For example, imagine a sagging drum skin that wasn’t sufficiently tightened on a drum kit. You could be quiteslim with low body fat, yet that minimal body fat may deposit itself under your chin due to your facial anatomy.

Genetic Disposition

Your double chin may not be your fault at all. Many people have genetic predispositions to be bald, tall, excessively hairy, and so on. You could have had a genetic disposition to develop a double chin that entered your genes before birth.

If you want to get rid of your double chin, the easiest and most cost-effective way to do it is with a series of Kybella treatments.

What Is This treatment?

This treatment is a prescription-only medication that is also FDA-approved for use. It is a minimally invasive injection treatment therapy that destroys fat cells locatedin a double chin.

The average treatment lasts for 15 minutes to half an hour. Besides a little soreness or inflammation for 48 hours, you shouldexpect minimal or zero downtime after this treatment. This treatment is specifically designed for injection into submental fat, and once this treatment destroys these fat cells, they don’t come back.

The fat cells won’t be able to accumulate anymore after an injection. After a series of injection treatments, your chin line will have an aesthetically noticeable reduction in fullness.

What Is the Main Active Ingredient In This treatment?

A synthesized form of deoxycholic acid is the main active ingredient in this treatment. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is naturally found in the human body. When you exercise, deoxycholic acid molecules aid in the metabolism processes that degrade and break down fat cells.

Now that we have explained exactly what this treatment is, let’s go through Kybella treatment step-by-step.


The first part of your treatment is a free consultation. We can help you to fully understand this process and what to expect concerning your treatment. During the consultation, you will have every opportunity to ask anyquestions. Our qualified doctors and medical professionals will address every concern you may have.

Your double chin area will be thoroughly examined. No two treatments are alike, so your treatment is designed specifically to your needs.
Additionally, your double chin may be medically pre-mapped to strategically identity specific injection sites for treatment. The number of injections you receive during a treatment will depend on your consultation and examination.

Pre-Kybella Treatment Routine

After a consultation and examination visit, you will be given a set of directions to follow before your treatment. Such pre-treatment directions could include, but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling your treatment weeks before a vacation or trip
  • Talking to primary care doctors about temporarily discontinuing any prescription meds before treatment
  • Discontinuing any vitamins or supplements as advised
  • Avoiding tobacco, alcohol, sugar and high-salt foods, as well as extremelyspicy food, for 48 hours before treatment
  • Rescheduling the treatment appointment if you become sick, develop a rash, or have an infection in the treatment area

Kybella Treatment

To begin your treatment, a topical anesthetic cream will first be applied to your double chin. It may take several minutes for the anesthetic cream to take effect and fully numb the area. After the numbing process is done, any excess numbing cream will be wiped away. Then the map of strategic dots will be mapped out and drawn on your double chin.

Your treatment will be composed of a series of injections of synthetic deoxycholic acid. Multiple, separate syringes of this treatment will be injected via this map of dots on your double chin.

What Is Dot-Mapping?

The dot-mapping represents a pattern your medical professional has designed based on your consultation information. This precise mapping technique melts fat cells in the most aesthetically streamlining and contoured way for your jaw line.

Small amounts of Kybella will be injected into your chin along the dot-mapping pattern. After the treatment is over, you will be fitted for an anti-swelling and soreness head wrap. The whole process can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Most treatments are conducted once a month for several months in a series of treatments.

After-Treatment Care

For about 48 hours to a week, you may experience some minor swelling and soreness in the treatment injection area. This is natural. You will be provided with a head wrap to aid in healing. Also, you will be advised to use an ice pack or cold pack as needed.

You may also be advised to refrain from any exercise or other strenuous activities for at least 3 days. Additionally, you will be advised to schedule a check-up visit to assess progress and to schedule any future treatments.

Kybella Treatment FAQ

How Much Does Each Treatment Cost?

Eachtreatment can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,400 per treatment.

How Many Injections Are Used Per Treatment?

You could receive anywhere from 5, 10, 20, or up to 50 separate syringe injections per treatment. How many injections you require will entirely depend on your aesthetic desire and the treatment plan developed by your medical professional.

How Often Can I Schedule Treatment?

Each treatment is spaced out at least a month apart. As the targeted fat cells are slowly destroyed and absorbed into your body, the contours of your jawline will slowly change.

We want to give this process time to work. The aesthetic progress of each treatment must be visually observed over time to determine the direction of successive treatments

How Many Treatments Will I Require?

The number of treatments you require will entirely depend upon your own facial aesthetic desires, consultation, and examination results.
According to your examination and input, we will design a series of treatment schedule for you.

You could require anywhere from 2 to 6 monthly treatments. However, once your have finished your treatment cycle, you will never require another one. Once the fat cells in your double chin have been destroyed, they can’t regenerate again.

Will My Double Chin Disappear Forever?

That depends entirely on you. A multiple-month series of treatments will destroy the fat cells in your double chin.

After your treatment cycle is over, you will never need another treatment. That does not mean that new fat cells can’t be redeposited back into your double chin area, however. If you don’t exercise regularly and eat a balanced and healthy diet, then your double chin will reappear again as you gain weight.

What Can I Do About Loose Skin After My Final Treatment?

Yourtreatments are spaced out in monthly increments to help your chin skin naturally regain its tightness and elasticity. This helps your skin to avoid alcohol, smoking, and excessive salt too. You should also moisturize your chin area and take Vitamin C supplements.

There are numerous affordable options that we can help you discover to tighten the skin and give you the look you want once your treatments are over.

The End of Your Double Chin Is Just One Consultation Visit Away

You can take complete control of your aesthetic appearance today. Your double chin can be gone forever in a few months. Remember, we are all judged on our appearances. But the only opinion that matters about your appearance is your own. Visit us at O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Annapolis, MD now. Schedule a consultation with us today to find out if Kybella near me is the thing for you.

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