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How Long Does It Take for Voluma to Work?

How Long does it take for Voluma to Work

There are facial fillers, and then there’s Voluma. Some consider it to be the Rolls Royce of injectables because it can transform your facial contours instantly. The Juvederm® filler was designed to restore facial fullness and volume, but that’s not all. The super gel serum can also create higher cheekbones with lift and plumpness. If you’re looking for long-lasting natural youthfulness that doesn’t involve surgery, extended downtime or inconvenience, then consider this superb volumizer.

It’s All in the HA

HA is short for hyaluronic acid, and this is the ingredient that makes for an exceptional facial filler. First, most aesthetic experts agree that HA delivers easy sculpting ability. It also has a smooth texture for creating seamless, fuller contours, and it even provides added moisture for your skin.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body and gives flexibility to your joints and muscles. The substance also nourishes the skin with moisture and draws water to it. As we age, our HA levels drop off. The skin gets drier, loses collagen, sags and develops wrinkles.

Voluma Injections

Clients fall in love with Voluma because it works fast, and the injections only take minutes. You will see instant results right there as your cheeks achieve fuller contours with lifting and firming. With that being said, full results are not seen immediately. It can take days to weeks to see the full effects of this incredible facial restoration treatment.

One Voluma treatment tends to delivers long-lasting results. When properly administered, you can expect a natural youthfulness. People will know you look good but won’t be able to figure out how. Facial fillers are non-surgical, don’t leave scars and don’t force you into a permanent commitment.

When Voluma gradually wears off, you can simply come in for touch-up sessions to maintain the look. If you stop getting the injections, your face will safely return to its original appearance.

If you’re excited to try Voluma facial filler, then consider our amazing team here at O’Donnell Vein & Laser, located in Easton and Annapolis. We are masters at injecting and excellent at understanding facial anatomy. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation. We’re ready to help you achieve an incredible transformation.

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