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How Does Dysport Work?


One issue that is especially troublesome in the way they never disappear is frown lines. These pesky lines make you appear old, angry, and unapproachable even when you’re in a good mood. The good news is that you don’t have to live with this problem for any longer. Our team of professionals at O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Annapolis, MD are excited to offer you Dysport, an injectable that is specifically designed to target frown lines and other wrinkles on your face.

How Does Dysport Work?

Similar to Botox, this solution is also a neurotoxin designed to treat dynamic wrinkles that are caused by repetitive facial movements. The main issue this injectable is formulated to treat is frown lines, the grooves of varying severity that form between your eyebrows. By helping these muscles relax, the solution eases these lines away to smooth out your face. This restores a more youthful appearance that portrays your actual emotion rather than making you look angry or worried. After treating these frown lines at the source, you’ll be more approachable, more well-rested, and take years off of your appearance.

Steps Involved in Treatment

Before Your Appointment

To ensure that your skin is prepared for treatment, there are a few directives to follow in the days leading up to your appointment. To ensure the best results, abstain from using anti-inflammatory medications or alcohol for at least two to three days prior to treatment. If you plan on working out, take care of your exercise the day before your appointment instead of afterward, and make sure to stay properly hydrated in the days prior to your treatment.

The Injection Process

Following your initial consultation where we confirm that you are a good candidate for Dysport, we’ll then schedule your appointment for an injection. The first step after your arrival is to sanitize the skin to ready it for the injection, and then a single-use syringe is used to deliver a series of injections to your forehead and brow muscles. Once these muscles relax, the frown lines will dissipate overtime to bring back your natural expression. You’ll be able to return to your day knowing you’ve taken the first step towards a younger you after an appointment that is over within 10 to 20 minutes.

Results To Expect

The fast-appearing results that this treatment provides is one edge it has over similar neurotoxin injectables. Typically, it only takes two to three days for results to start to appear. Noticeable results will begin to show up in just 48 to 72 hours after receiving the treatment, much quicker than the week it often takes similar products to work. Busy people who don’t have time to wait for the results they’re looking for are ideal for this quick treatment. It’s certainly understandable to want results as quickly as possible when you’re finally taking the steps to address concerns about your appearance.

How Long Will Results Last?

With some patients who use this treatment reporting results that last up to five months, this injectable is proven to be long-lasting. However, while it is a fast solution for unwanted frown lines that appear on your face, the effects do eventually begin to wear off over time. But you can get a youthful appearance for even longer by committing to a treatment plan and coming in for follow-up appointments.

How Frequently Will I Need Follow-Up Treatments?

The best way to maintain your results over the long-term is to receive regular injections every four to five months, or once you notice frown lines begin to reappear. Your appearance will simply return to its pre-injection state if you decide to stop treatment at any point. The most consistent results come from regular treatments, but you can also start and stop treatment whenever you like depending on your desires.

What Downtime is Involved?

There is almost no downtime associated with this non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment, making it a convenient choice for your anti-aging needs. Appointments are taken care of so quickly that you could even use your lunch break at work to come in to receive the injection. There will only be a few post-treatment directives you’ll want to follow afterward to maximize the benefits you enjoy.

Avoiding too much sun exposure is essential to the success of your treatment and getting the results you desire. It’s always good to take steps to avoid sun damage, but following this treatment, it’s even more important. Take care of any strenuous exercise you need to do before your appointment, as you’ll want to avoid working out for 24 hours after the injection. Avoid settings or situations such as saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, hot yoga, or anything else that may raise your body temperature as well.

Common Questions

Do Results Look Natural?

The extremely natural results that Dysport delivers are one of the main advantages it offers over other anti-aging treatments. Get back to a younger self and improve your appearance without looking like a completely different person thanks to the targeted benefits this treatment provides. The only change will be the reduction of your dynamic frown lines as your muscles relax and they smooth out.

What Benefits Will I Get?

Maintain a Natural-Looking, Youthful Appearance

Specific points in the facial region around your eyebrows will be targeted by the injections in order to most effectively relieve your unwanted frown lines. The natural way that your face moves won’t be affected by this treatment, simply giving you a wrinkle-free, younger appearance. You don’t have to simply live with wrinkles as you grow older anymore with the solution this treatment provides. As long as you maintain a consistent treatment schedule, you’ll be able to live a wrinkle-free life and enjoy your youthful look for several months after each injection.

No Need to Plan for a Recovery Period

The fact that there is no recovery time is just another of the many benefits that this treatment provides. No one will even know you stepped away for an anti-aging appointment as you get right back to your usual day-to-day life. Head out for a dinner date, go pick up the kids, or even get right back to your job without any long-term interruption to your normal routine.

See Results Quickly

The fast-acting results that this particular injectable achieves is one reason it’s so popular with patients. Unlike other products, you won’t have to wait a week for Dysport to begin acting. The results will continue to improve after they first appear within two or three days. The quick results that this treatment provides will help you out if you’re making a last-minute appointment to help you prepare for something big coming up on your calendar.

How Does This Treatment Differ from Botox?

One of the best-known cosmetic injectables on the market is Botox, the benchmark that other products are compared to. Dysport sets itself apart from other similar treatments with its reputation for providing long-lasting, effective results. Both this injectable and Botox use the same primary ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, to achieve their results. Both relax facial muscles in order to smooth out wrinkles and lines, with the main difference being the dosage used.

This treatment differs from Botox because it uses a diluted dosage that is more effective for treating large areas. This makes it especially effective for treating unwanted frown lines. Ultimately, both solutions are helpful for treating wrinkles, so our experts will help you identify which option is right for you.

Who Is an Ideal Patient?

Those who wish to treat dynamic wrinkles on their face, and in particular frown lines, are ideal candidates for this cosmetic injectable. Improving crow’s feet, forehead lines, and neck bands are some of the additional off-label benefits that this treatment provides, broadening the scope of its use. Those suffering from hyperhidrosis, facial pain, or muscle spasms may also benefit from the medical properties of this injectable. Ultimately, any men or women who want to smooth out wrinkles from their face and revitalize the youthful appearance they love can be an ideal candidate for treatment.

Achieve a Smoother, Younger Looking Face

Don’t put up with wrinkles on your face for any longer than you need to now that you have a solution available to you. Contact our team at O’Donnell Vein & Laser in Annapolis and Easton MD, today, to receive your consultation and get a personalized treatment plan that will deliver you the age-defying results that you’re searching for.

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